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Terrance Knecht Leadership - CIO PMP CISSP CGEIT ITIL COBIT MBA


Computerworld � July 2007. Dubbed by Computerworld as The Fixers, for his ability to implement change quickly and with significant short and long-term results.

Microsoft Press Release � June 1999. Featured the participation and success of United Payors & United Providers in Microsoft�s Rapid Deployment Program of Office2000 prior to its general product release.

Computerworld - July 28, 1997. Lead article on strategic partnerships with outsourcing vendors, highlighting the success of Lexi in outsourcing the building of their data communications grid.

CTI Reference Book for Japan - 1997. Featured for success in implementing CTI solution at Lexi.

Inc. Magazine - July 1996. Featured in article titled, �Wanted: Model CIO.�

InfoWorld - May 20, 1996. Featured in lead article, �Tapping into Telephony.�

Challenging Tomorrow�s Changes - Nikkei BP (Japan) - 1996. Featured technology implementations.

Digital Equipment Corporation - 1995. Lexi�s network featured on Digital�s home page and in marketing movie. Movie recut for Comdex 1996.

Small Business Today (TV segment) - 1994. Featured technical reengineering and call center development at KCET in a TV program showcasing technology supporting business opportunities.

PC Week - 1994. Featured KCET�s economic management of AS/400 network (APPN & SNA).

Lucent Technologies - 1994. Produced marketing movie featuring KCET�s technology.

Information Edge -1993. Featured KCET�s successful technical reengineering initiatives.


Guest lecturer at Mount Mercy University 2009 � Project Management Techniques.

Speaker at PMI Iowa Chapter 2008 � Project Management Black Bag Techniques for Fixing a Project.

Guest lecturer at universities in Wisconsin, Maryland and California (1995 to 2001).

Keynote Speaker - World Computer Telephony Conference/Expo - Tokyo, Japan - June 27, 1997. Presentation on the critical issues influencing the management of complex technical functions by non-technical senior managers.

Keynote Speaker � IBM 1993 Product Announcement. Reviewed technical strategies at KCET.

Featured Speaker at national and international events. Subjects included:
� Partnering with Your Strategic Vendors.
� Strategies for Rapid Deployment of Technology.
� Rapid Application Delivery.
� Implementing High Tech Call Centers.
� Non-Technical Management of Technical Areas.
Deploying IVR Solutions.
Creating and Managing Diversity in a Technical Environment.